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2020 Edition Show-Stopping, Water-Resistant, Anti-Scratch Glass, No Peeling N-Xtreme Luxury Watch

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The Show-Stopping Business N-Xtreme Luxury Watch For Unique You

There are very few watches you see and you have to stop everything you are doing to sneak in a second look again. These watches reflect great taste and status; they tell others you mean business.

Wearing a high-value wristwatch can mean one missed or one gained opportunity. N-Xtreme’s new modern design will make you express your uniqueness powerfully and keep other people trying to catch up.

With the N-Xtreme on your wrist, you are a person to be trusted with high-value deals. And you don’t even have to break the bank to get this one.

Fits Any Attire – Casuals, Trads, Suits With Longlasting Shine!

Men who own the N-Xtreme have nothing to worry about when it comes to choosing the perfect piece to match their attire. Dressing for the big occasion or getting set for work – it’s all the same thing.

As long as you want to stand out and impress, the beautifully crafted Xtreme will compliment your style. It’s got a modern stainless steel band that is not going to peel or lose colour for years.

Engineered with the now-famous IPx coating over stainless steel means better lasting finish than other ordinary designs that are common nowadays.

The N-Xtreme watch is just the right size for a man’s statement piece and comes in three graceful colors for you to choose from

  • Jet Black
  • White Silver
  • Rosegold Silver

Added Bonus: Order Now To Get This… Free!

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If you order now, we will add this rare top leather bracelet with the silver stainless steel pendant. The regular price of the bracelet is 4,500 Naira but you get it for FREE. 

The free bracelet is limited in stock so hurry now and secure yours.

Not Afraid Of Some Water!

When caught in the rain or you need to wash your hand or something that makes you come in contact with water, many people will take off their watches first.

But this won’t be you anymore. You will proudly and confidently do what you need to do without thinking twice about it. That is because the N-Xtreme watch is designed to keep water from entering inside. It has 30 meters or 3ATM water-resistant rating.

No Scratching – Hardened Glass As Tough As Coin

It is common to put your hand in your pocket where there might be a bunch keys or you accidentally drag your hand across a rough surface.

If you are wearing the N-Xtreme, you won’t worry about the glass getting scratched up over time. It will still be as clear as the day you bought it, many many years from now.


You saw the scratch test for the hardness of this glass and it didn’t crack – it didn’t even scratch. That test was from the manufacturer.

We decided to try it ourselves to see if it will show a scratch. When we use a sharp razor blade that will normally draw a line on most watch glass, the N-Xtreme glass didn’t allow a scratch.

The hardex mineral glass is in the sapphire category, toughened and hardened to withstand this type of assault. That’s another reason this watch is in a different class by itself.

No Need For Torch Light To Check The Time

The time markers in the N-Xtreme are made of illuminating material that comes alive in the dark effortlessly. Just turn your wrist to check the time in the dark and you will have a perfect view of the time no matter how dark the night is.

3 Working Dials

Unlike in some watches where these dials are for mere decoration, the dials in the N-Xtreme actually work!

The one counts time in 1/10 seconds.

Another counts in minutes and the last one counts in seconds.

All dials can be started and stopped by the easy-to-press, comfortable button by the side.

Now, that’s a true chronograph watch.

One year warranty on all watches.

The N-Xtreme is covered by our 1 year warranty


Perfect As A Gift!

The N-Xtreme comes in a beautiful white box that makes it a perfect gift for yourself or that special someone or as a corporate gift for your clients or staff.

We can guarantee a jaw-dropping moment when your partner, father or colleague opens the box.

It’s perfect for a wedding gift, end of year corporate party, birthday present and many more we leave you to come up with.

Nothing To Lose, But You Have To Hurry Though…

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And the way people are snapping the watch up, it won’t be long before the limited stock is finished.

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It gives us great satisfaction to know that many people love and enjoy wearing this watch. So we have worked to remove as much obstacle as we can so that you too can have one and show it off as quickly as possible 😉

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Jet black, Rose gold silver, White silver